Lady doctor dramatically prevented from being overrun under train by DSP at Bhopal

Bhopal. Traffic DSP rescued a woman doctor who was going to die from a train upset due to family complications. She lay down on the railway track to die When the DSP approached her on the information of a person. In order to get rid of his hand, she even ripped off the DSP’s uniform.
After a lot of struggle, the DSP finally took the woman off the track and brought her to MP Nagar police station in a government vehicle. Women policemen counseling the woman here, when she became a little normal. What happened, read the traffic DSP Parag Khare’s account.
“It was quarter past three. I was coming from Rachna Nagar underbridge to MP Nagar. Just then a gumthi owner stopped the vehicle and said that a woman has gone towards the railway track. She was crying and saying – I will die. Hearing this, I ran towards the track. Saw the woman lying on the track. Then came the sound of the train coming from Habibganj station. I panicked. Started pulling her off the track. She was probably very angry with life. Hands were freed. My uniform was torn in this struggle. She freed and ran towards Bhopal station and lay down on the track again. I then pulled her off the track. 40 seconds later, the train arrived on the same track”.
Married one and a half years ago, husband stays alone
According to MP Nagar TI Manish Rai, the woman living in Mandi Bamora is a BHMS doctor. She was married a year and a half ago, but the husband lives separately. She was under stress due to family complications. Counseling was conducted at the police station with the help of women policemen. The woman has been handed over to her brother. Now he is normal. However counseling will be done in counseling center.