Bihar: Three people of same family shot dead in Sitamarhi

Sitamarhi, Big news has been received from Sitamarhi in Bihar. Three people belonging to the same family were shot dead here on Monday morning. The cause of the incident is said to be a mutual dispute. After the incident, there is tremendous tension in the area.
Shot dead
On Monday morning, criminals shot dead two bike-riding youths on the Sitamarhi-Suppi road near Malahi toll in Akhata village of Suppi, Sitamarhi. After this, the assailants also entered the house in Akhata village and killed a woman. The deceased have been identified as Salman Khan (30), son of Asghar Khan, a resident of Akhta, Ejaz Khan (32), son of Hasib Khan, and Shah Jahan Nisha (40), wife of Munna Khan.
It is reported that Salman Khan rode on the bike with his maternal uncle Ejaz Khan and left for Dumra, SDO office. Both were to appear in SDO Sadar’s court. On the way, near the Malahi toll on the Sitamarhi-Suppi main road, half a dozen criminals riding on the Scorpio stumbled into the bike. Aijaz and Salman, including the bike, fell. As soon as he falls, criminals sieve him with bullets. Both died on the spot. After this, the criminals riding Scorpio returned to Akhata village. There he entered the house of Munna Khan and fired upon him. This left Munna Khan’s wife Shahjahan Nisha injured. One year old innocent survived narrowly in the shootout. Out of fear, the surrounding people hid in the houses. After the culprits left, people were taking the injured Shah Jahan to Sitamarhi for treatment, but he died on the way.
Old controversy cause of incident
The cause of the incident is being cited as a prior dispute. The incident is linked to the murder of Nayaz Khan, the brother-in-law and RTI activist of the sarpanch of Akhta Panchayat. It is being told that one year ago, one died in the shootout. Monday’s incident is also linked to the same. Rustom Khan, the brother of the deceased Ijaz, is in jail in the murder case of Nayaz Khan, the brother-in-law of the sarpanch of Akhta, eight months ago. The three are relatives of the deceased Janata Dal United (JDU) former district president Ziauddin Khan.
Tremendous resentment in the area
There is tremendous resentment in the area after the incident. Police of several police stations including Suppi are camping on the spot. The police has started raiding to get hold of the criminals.