Now you can register vehicle in any city of Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal, August 27, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Whichever state you reside in, you will be able to register your car in any of the cities there. Will be able to get driving license also. For this, address proof of the native city has to be given. Till now, people had to give the address of an acquaintance in the form of care off when the train was registered in another city and it used to cost extra money. This amendment will eliminate the obligation of the vehicle owners to buy and get the license in the city of the residence itself. On Tuesday, the Transport Commissioner has issued instructions to implement the provisions of the new mother vehicle act 2019 in the state.
Such are the new provisions
 If you have purchased a vehicle in your own state, then only the vehicle dealer will apply for its registration.
 Till now, there was verification in the concerned RTO to get the vehicle registered, but now no verification will be required. Only the verification of the dealer’s application will be considered.
 If a car comes out bad after purchasing, the dealer will bring it back and bring the money or give it to the buyer with a model or similar model. Remaining | On page 10
 If a dealer does not conform to the rules, the dealer sells and gets a year in jail or a lakh. Will face penalty.
 Likewise, if a vehicle company did not make a vehicle to the prescribed standard and its responsibilities were imprisoned for one year in jail or 100 crores. Will have to pay a fine of up to Rs.
 If a vehicle owner makes any kind of modification or alteration in his vehicle against the rules, then he will have to pay six months imprisonment or a fine of five thousand rupees.
 If any registration authority violates the rules regarding the prescribed width, length, height, loading capacity of the vehicle or registration of unfit vehicle, then it will be fined from five to ten thousand rupees.
Five times tax if you drive a vehicle without registration … If a person drives or uses a vehicle without registration, then such vehicle owner is fined five times of that vehicle or one third of life time tax or whichever is higher. have to give. If the vehicle dealer gives a vehicle to the buyer without registering, then he will have to pay a penalty of 15 times the annual tax on it. Not only this, if the dealer registers a vehicle by forging documents or chassis and engine numbers, then he should be imprisoned for six months to one year or 10 times the annual tax or two-thirds of the life time tax or whatever it is. Will happen.