Shed will get constructed soon: Minister Shri Sharma

Hears the problems of general public in Prempura
Bhopal, August 29, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Public Relations Minister Shri PC Sharma heard problems of the general public in Prempura village this morning and instructed the officers telephonically to solve them immediately. He said that construction of a shed in Prempura will be undertaken soon, on the demand of the public.
Minister Shri Sharma said that the government is committed to solving problems immediately. He

said that if any person is facing any kind of problem, he should immediately convey it on toll

free number 8982464232 so that it can be solved soon.
Minister Shri Sharma not only heard the problems of the people but also sat down on a platform

in the village to redress their problems. Shri Sharma was on his way back from the National

Sports Day programme in Bishankhedi. When he saw a group of villagers, he stopped his vehicle,

heard the problems of the people and redressed then and there.
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