Tableaux –pandals should be decorated with temporary connections

Bhopal, August 31, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Power distribution companies have made appropriate arrangements to provide temporary connections to pandals at Ganeshotsav and other festivals. The companies have appealed to the religious festival committees and electricity consumers to take temporary connections as per rule to decorate and light up the religious pandals and tableau during Ganeshotsav.
Apply for a temporary connection showing the correct, connected electrical load in the prescribed form in the office of the Assistant Engineer at the nearest distribution centre of the company. Attach the Licensee Electrical Contractor’s Test Report with the application and get the wiring etc. done by the licensee electrical contractor. Make sure to take a receipt for temporary connection from the power company by depositing the amount of security fund and estimated power consumption in advance, as indicated in the application. Put up the laminated copy of the receipt mandatorily in front of the pandal/tableau. Do not use additional load other than the applied electricity load for decoration. The power connection will be metered and the electricity billing will be based as per rules on the domestic rates applicable for temporary connection. Ensure adherence to security rules in electrical decoration and making of tableau. Do not use electricity in an unauthorized manner.
Do’s for temporary connections

Losses caused by not taking temporary connection

Possibility of burning of transformer due to overloading and possibility of accident.

Possibility of darkness due to adverse effects on transmission and distribution system.

Legal action to be taken for unauthorized use of electricity against the user and the electrical contractor by whom work has been done.

In case of unauthorized power usage, the cancellation of license of the concerned electrical contractor.