Meter gauge train between Sanavad and Omkareshwar closed forever

Bhopal, September 1, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Western Railway Ratlam Mandal has stopped operating meter gauge trains between Sanawad and Omkareshwar from Sunday 1 September for broad gauge conversion. However, the meter gauge train will continue between Omkareshwar to Mhow. Here, on the closure of the rain, the rail conversion will be carried out on the Sanavad-Omkareshwar railway line.
Significantly, the railways stopped operating 56 km of meter gauge trains from Khandwa to Sanawad in January 2017 for gauge conversion. After this, the Railways constructed a bypass track from Mathela to Nimadkheri as a priority for the Selda power plant. Railways has also completed testing of this track. On Friday, three freight trains went from Mathela to Nimarkhedi. On Saturday, all three goods trains were emptied and also returned to Mathela.
Significantly, about two and a half years ago the meter gauge line from Khandwa to Sanawad has been closed. Meanwhile, broad gauge work is being done at a slow pace.