Law Minister PC Sharma said – new motor Act will not be applicable in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal, September 2, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): . The Motor Vehicle Act has come into force in the country from 01 September. It will not be implemented in Madhya Pradesh. State Law Minister PC Sharma has said that the new rule will cause a lot of trouble to the people of the state, so it will not be implemented in the state. Orders in this regard are likely to be issued on Monday.
PC Sharma said that we will review the new rules by making a committee. Will take a decision after this. He said that people still call me even though there is an invoice of 100 rupees. According to the new rules, the amount of fine will be ten times. In such a situation, I will have to turn off my phone.
The governments of Rajasthan and West Bengal including Madhya Pradesh have decided not to implement this act in the state, equipped with many stringent provisions, including a 10-fold increase in fines. State Law Minister PC Sharma said that we are not yet implementing the new traffic rules in the state. He has spoken to the Law Secretary in the morning. We will also talk to the Chief Minister about this and implement the new law with some amendments. Right now the amount of the fine is more and no one will be able to pay such a huge amount.