3,434 employed through self-employment schemes in MP

Bhopal, September 4, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): This year, 3 thousand 434 unemployed persons have become self-reliant under Chief Minister’s Self-employment Scheme and Chief Minister’s Economic Welfare Scheme in the state. They have been provided a total grant of Rs 116 crore and 35 lakh of project cost. They have also been given grant assistance of Rs. 3 crore 14 lakhs. As many as 2,671 beneficiaries got benefit of the Chief Minister’s Self-Employment Scheme. A total of Rs. 3 crore 38 lakh grant assistance was given to them. Under the Chief Minister’s Economic Welfare Scheme, 763 beneficiaries were given the benefit of business upgradation by providing a grant assistance of Rs 1 crore 9 lakh.
Under the Chief Minister’s Self-Employment Scheme, a minimum of Rs. 50 thousand of the project cost, a maximum of Rs 10 lakh, is given to entrepreneurs. Assistance is provided for upgrading units for embroidery, textile weaving, bamboo crafts, wood crafts, hand-printing on textiles, utensils-industry, making paper bags and envelopes, sports items, stone crafts and marble artifacts. Under the Chief Minister’s Economic Welfare Scheme, craftsmen are provided grant at a project cost of a maximum of Rs 50 thousand as working capital for setting up an enterprise and purchasing equipment in crafts related activities.
Survey to sell garments made in Chhindwara in metros
Sant Ravidas Madhya Pradesh Handicrafts and Handloom Development Corporation has started an initiative in view of the market demand for handloom textiles of Saunsar in Chhindwara district. Surveys are being conducted for the sale of garments of Saunsar in five major cities of the country including capital Bhopal, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru. The Directorate of Handlooms has sanctioned an amount of Rs 7 lakhs for the development of new produce to increase the demand for traditional textiles of Saunsar. Efforts are being made to create variety in Chhindwara textiles with latest designs and attractive colour combination. The state government is putting in efforts to provide the weavers continuous employment and increase in income. For this purpose, they are being encouraged to work in various patterns, not restricting themselves to traditional sarees, suits, cloth and dress materials. According to the trend of the market, weavers have taken an initiative to make Tussar and cotton shirts and products according to other trends. Mrignayani Emporium will be the exclusive partner in the sale of new products.