C.M. Shri Kamal Nath Urges Centre to Direct Gujarat to follow Sardar Sarovar Dam filling schedule

Writes To Union Minister for Water Resources
Bhopal, September 5, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): The Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has urged the Central Government to direct the Government of Gujarat to follow the schedule for filling the Sardar Sarovar reservoir.
Shri Kamal Nath has written a letter to the Union Water Resources Minister Shri Gajendra Singh Shekhawat urging him to call an urgent meeting of Narmada Control Authority to discuss the issue at the earliest. He wrote that this subject is of utmost importance for Madhya Pradesh as relief and rehabilitation works are going on a massive scale in the affected area of Sardar Sarovar Project.
The Chief Minister has said in his letter that according to the schedule, Sardar Sarovar reservoir was to be filled up to 134 meters height by 31 August 2019. The reservoir was to be filled up to just 135 meters during the month of September and by 15 October 2019, the reservoir was to be filled to the final level of 138.68 meters.
The Chief Minister in his letter said that by 12 noon on 4 September 2019, the reservoir had been filled up to 135.47 meters. It is clear from this that the schedule provided by the Narmada Control Authority has been violated, which was issued by the Authority on May 10, 2019. He said that it is also unclear whether measures of dam safety have been adhered to. It is inexplicable on the part of Narmada Control Authority which has remained inactive. The Narmada Control Authority is expected to take action on its own in this regard.
Shri Kamal Nath said that filling of the Sardar Sarovar Project is required to be regulated according to the schedule as was agreed upon. Meanwhile, the Gujarat government should be directed to follow the prescribed schedule as issued by the Narmada Control Authority letter dated 10 May 2019.