your smart phone can save you from heavy challan under New MV Act, know how

new Delhi, ; Paperless driving possible in India: After the beginning of the month i.e. from September 1, after the revision of the Motor Vehicle Act 2019, the drivers of motor traffic are being fined for violating the traffic rules. The invoices of three people of Delhi-NCR, who were caught in negligence due to the fine, have been invoiced for Rs 23,000, 24,000 and 35,000 respectively. Explain that due to negligence, a person named Scooty rider Dinesh Madan has been challaned for Rs 23,000, and Jayanarayana of Gurugram (Subhashnagar) has been given a challan of Rs 24000 and the third auto driver has been challaned for Rs 35000. All these three cases are from Gurugram adjoining Delhi, but all three cases are being discussed all over the country. In this story, we are telling you that if you use a little caution and DigiLocker or M-PARIVAHAN APP, then you can get rid of such challan and mess.
Download DigiLocker and mPeriva App
Under this, to avail this facility without any hassle, the drivers have to first download the DigiLocker and mPerivahan app in their smartphone. After this, under the further process, you will have to enter your mobile number to signup. As soon as this process is complete, an OTP will come on your mobile phone. This OTP must be verified by entering. Then to login in this next step you have to set your user name and password. After this your DigiLocker account will be created. After this, you have to authenticate your Aadhaar number as per the fixed rule. After this an OTP will come on the mobile number previously entered in the Aadhaar database. After this, the process of authenticating Aadhaar will be completed after OTP is entered. After this your DigiLocker account will be created. Now authenticate your Aadhaar number in it.
Digilocker quality
Once you become a DigiLocker, you can download a copy of your RC (Certificate of License), License and Esurance. After doing this, you will get rid of the hassle of keeping all these things with you. Not only this, you can show all these documents with the help of DigiLocker when you need to read to the traffic police anywhere. In addition, in other places can also use it when needed reading.
What is Digital Locker
It is worth noting that Digital Locker or Digi Locker is a kind of virtual locker. This facility was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself four years ago in July 2015. It is a different matter that the rules related to this were notified in 2017. After this, it has been said by the Ministry of Transport that once they upload their documents in the locker, they do not need to keep them with them at all times. You can show it and run your work if asked by the concerned officials like transport department and traffic department officials. The officer will have to recognize it as the government has recognized it as valid.
Safe Locker Digital Locker
Please tell here that as soon as this facility is available on mobile phone, you can submit your documents anywhere and anytime through it. Not only this, every Indian educational, medical, passport and PAN card details in digital locker scheme can be kept in digital form.
At the same time, in the mobile phone, the information app contains the name of the owner, date of registration, model number, validity of insurance, etc. In such a situation, the drivers do not have to carry any type of papers together. It is also recognized by the government.
Ministry of Transport has agreed
The Ministry of Transport has already said that the electronic copy of the documents on DigiLocker and mPerivahan App will be considered valid. The Central Government had instructed the transport departments and traffic police of the states in this regard that they should not take the original copy of the documents for verification.
New Motor Vehicle Act 2019 has come into force from September 1
It is worth mentioning that under the new rule applicable from September 1, a fine of Rs 1,000 will be imposed on those who do not wear helmets or do not wear seat belts which was earlier Rs 100 while those without driving license can be fined up to Rs 5,000. Is or can be imprisoned for three months.