Digvijaya-Singhar dispute referred to Discipline Committee, Antony will investigate

Bhopal, September 8, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): The controversy between former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh and Umang Singhar has reached the Congress’s Central Discipline Committee. The party’s national president Sonia Gandhi has submitted an inquiry into the matter to disciplinary committee chairman AK Antony. Chief Minister Kamal Nath met Congress President Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi on Saturday. There was a discussion between the two leaders about the political events of Madhya Pradesh, new state president and organizational change. Meanwhile, Sonia has expressed displeasure over the allegations made by Singhar publicly on Digvijay.
Nath told the media in discussion that I have just met Sonia Gandhi. They have a political discussion about my state. He has expressed concern over the issues of indiscipline coming up and has referred the entire matter to AK Antony, Chairman of the Discipline Committee.
Antony will now listen to everyone and take his decision. It is clear from Nath’s indication that soon the Discipline Committee will ask former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh and Umang Singhar his side and then take a decision. Antony will submit his report to the party high command. When Nath was asked if there would be strict action against the culprits, he said as much that the matter will now be looked into by the Disciplinary Committee. He did not respond to the question of appointment of the state president.
Here, the lesson of discipline ineffective: The lesson of discipline being taught by Digvijay in Bhopal appeared to be ineffective. However, he said that everyone has the right to put up posters. Digvijay supporters have put up posters in front of PCC, the factionalism is clearly visible from what is written in it. This poster has been put up by Yogendra Singh Guddu Chauhan, in which it is written that fingers become small, nails become so big. Some firefly convoys followed the sun.
Sonia angry with Singhar’s rhetoric
Digvijay said – I have no interference in the government: Digvijay Singh said in Indore that I have no interference in the government. The only power center in the state is Kamal Nath. On the allegations made by Umang Singhar, he only said that Sonia and Kamal Nath should be decided in this case. Singh said that the BJP did not run the government for 15 years, but only did business, so the entire system has become like that. Now Kamal Nath is doing everything right.
Jyotiraditya to meet Sonia on 10: Jyotiraditya Scindia will meet Sonia on 10 September. Only then will the way of appointment of the state president be cleared. According to sources, Scindia may be given the command of the state head. At the same time, Sonia has called a meeting of Chief Ministers, State Presidents and Leader of Opposition in the Congress-ruled states on 12 September. After this, the state president can be appointed.
Decision on new president soon …. Speculation about new state president has intensified. State in-charge Deepak Bavaria has submitted the report to the high command a day ago, in which the political situation of the state, appointment of new state president and organizational reshuffle has been talked about.