Sodium glutamate found in Maggi noodles by Morena court , fined 20 lakh

ADM Court appeals to Center – Do not renew license
MorenaBhopal, September 8, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): ADM SK Mishra’s court on Saturday imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh on C&F and the dealer, including Nestle India Ltd, for finding adulteration of a chemical (MSG) called mono sodium glutamate in Maggi noodles. The court has written to the Government of India that the license of Maggi noodles should not be renewed in the public interest. It is noteworthy that on 3 June 2015, the food department team took samples of Maggi noodles from Prabhu Agency of Ambah. After investigation in the state lab, it was found that noodles have MSG, which is harmful to health. Later Food Safety Officer Avnish Gupta presented the report in ADM Court.
Reported that the Nestlé company did not mention MSG on Maggi packets. During the prosecution, Dalchand Gupta, director of Prabhu Agency, argued that he brought Maggi noodles from Gwalior for retail sale. Action should be taken from the dealer, C&F to the manufacturing company. On this basis, the prosecution also accused Nestle India Limited Uttarakhand, Dharmendra Hansraj Kotak Sales Manager New Delhi, Denzil B Lobo Sales Manager Indore and Ajay Khandelwal Gwalior in this case. During the hearing of the case on Saturday, ADM SK Mishra imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh on the five parties.
Heart attack, kidney infection risk from MSG: According to DD Agarwal, professor of chemistry department of Jiwaji University, MSG is an amino acid extract. It is used to make food more tasty, but even the slightest use of it is dangerous for the body. Adrenal gland (the gland above the kidney) is unable to function properly by eating sodium glutamate. Apart from this, high blood pressure, heart attack and other types of danger are also increased.