Yellow alert in Khandwa, 12 gates of Indira Sagar, 18 gates of Omkareshwar opened; Mortakka Bridge still closed

Khandwa/Bhopal, September 10, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Traffic on the Mortakka bridge on the Indore-Ichhapur highway is also closed on Tuesday due to continuous rise in water level in the Narmada River. At the same time, 12 gates of Indira Sagar Dam have been opened up to six and a half meters due to excess waterlogging. Water is being released from 18 gates of Omkareshwar dam. Due to the constant rise in water level, the Narmada river is to be touched by the Mortakka bridge. Traffic at the bridge is closed at 11.40 pm on Sunday night. The Meteorological Department has issued yellow alert (heavy rain) in 16 districts of the state. It also includes Khandwa. At the same time, Acharyashree Vidya Sagar Ji Maharaj arrived in Nemawar to observe the Narmada River.
Indira Sagar Dam gates have been opened.
 Indira Sagar Project Chief Anurag Sheth said that due to continuous rains in the state, all the small and big dams on the Narmada River have been given gate games. Due to the water coming from Bargi-Tawa and other places, the water level of the dam is continuously increasing. The dam has a capacity of 12.22 billion cubic meters. Due to excess water capacity, 20800 cumecs of water is being opened by opening 12 gates up to six and a half meters.
Acharyashree Vidya Sagar while observing the Narmada River.
Along with this, 1000 MW power is being produced through eight turbines. Due to the water coming out from here, the Omkareshwar dam has also been filled more than its capacity. 23000 cumecs of water is being released from its 18 gates.
Maheshwar’s stairs were submerged by the Narmada waters.
The administration stopped traffic from the Morattaka bridge at 11.40 pm on Sunday night for security reasons. Due to this, there was a queue of vehicles on both sides of the bridge since Sunday night. On Monday, the queue became longer. Small vehicles were pulled out of the aqueduct bridge. Many big drivers stood waiting for the flood water to recede, while some went towards Indore via Khalghat via Deshgaon. Police and administration personnel are present on the bridge. The administration had evacuated ashram and temples on the banks of Narmada on Sunday evening.
The ghats of Maheshwar submerged.
The water level of the Narmada River in Maheshwar rose to 146 meters from the normal 140 meters. The danger mark is 147 meters. The floods submerged all the shore ghats. Six years later, on Monday, the water of Narmada crossed the main report in front of the Narmada temple and reached the bottom of the Ganapati temple.
Narmada is flooded due to high flow from the upper area and opening of the gates of Bargi-Tawa dams. Traffic will be started only after the flow is reduced and the bridge is checked. The dam’s water level is 193 meters.