CM Shri Kamal Nath for protection of human rights as people’s thinking

Work to enact Right to Water Law and Revival of Rivers begin in State
Seminar on “Jal ka Adhikaar-Manav Adhikaar” held on Foundation Day of Human Rights Commission
Bhopal, September 13, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): The Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath said that human rights cannot be protected only by enacting laws. It is necessary to have a sense of protection of human rights in people’s thinking. He said that clean water is a human right. In order to deal with the challenges related to water in future, the state government has made a plan to revive the rivers along with enacting the ‘Right to Water’ law. Shri Nath was addressing the ‘Jal Ka Adhikaar-Manav Adhikaar ‘ seminar on the 25th Foundation Day of Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission at the Water and Land Management Institute today.
The Chief Minister said that constitutional status has been given to the human rights of every citizen in the constitution. There are many laws for the protection human rights, but apart from laws, the basic thinking of protecting these rights is essential in human nature. He said that awareness towards human rights will have to be generated in people. Water is the only need that affects every person and creature in the world. Shri Nath said that as the Minister of Environment of the Government of India, he had attracted the attention of the World towards the future challenges related to water and presented a plan at the Earth Summit held in Brazil.
The Chief Minister said that we have started working on effective schemes to meet the challenges related to water in future in Madhya Pradesh. Along with the revival of rivers, new technology is being used to save and conserve water. We are going to give ‘Right to Water’ to the people. He further mentioned that Madhya Pradesh is rich in water and allied resources. Forests, rivers and ponds in large number are available here. The need is that how can we save water for future by connecting water conservation with new technology. He said that 70 percent population of the state is dependent on agriculture. We cannot even imagine farming without irrigation. Saving water is the biggest need of today. The Chief Minister said that it is the moral responsibility of every person to work as a trustee of the future generation and contribute in making adequate water storage available for the future generation.
The Chairman of Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission Shri Justice Narendra Kumar Jain appreciated and congratulated the Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath for taking a decision to enact the ‘Jal Ka Adhikaar-Manav Adhikaar’ Law. Shri Jain said that the draft of this law is almost ready. In this, the State Water Management Authority will be empowered to make water available and with financial rights related to it. He said that the Article 21 of the Constitution mentions about the availability of pure and clean water in sufficient quantity. Highlighting the activities of the Commission, Shri Justice Jain said that the Commission has resolved 2 lakh 66 thousand 960 out of 2 lakh 70 thousand 286 complaints since its foundation year. He informed that ‘Aayog Aapke Dwaar’ scheme has been launched to resolve complaints of human rights violation on the spot itself. Hearing has been conducted in 12 districts under the scheme. Members of the Commission Shri Sarabjeet Singh and Shri Manohar Mamtani were also present on the occasion.
Dedicates portal
The Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath dedicated the portal prepared by the Commission for the common man to file their complaints. Complainants can also view the action taken on their complaints on the portal. The Chief Minister also released ‘Jal Pustika’ on the occasion.