Advisory committee should be formed to prepare master plan in Madhya Pradesh

Sustainable and integrated development of cities is the priority of the state government
CM Shri Kamal Nath addresses Abhyas Mandal discussion in Indore
Bhopal, September 14, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has said that an advisory committee should be formed to make a master plan for planned development of all cities of the state comprising representatives of all classes and a master plan should be prepared with their suggestions and advice. He said that the government is giving priority to sustainable, balanced and integrated development of urban areas so that they can be planned according to future needs. Shri Nath was addressing a discussion on “Vision document of 50 years of development of Indore” organized by Abhyas Mandal in Indore today. Home Minister Shri Bala Bachchan, Public Health and Family Welfare Minister Shri Tulsi Silavat and Urban Development and Housing Minister Shri Jaivardhan Singh were present in the programme.

Shri Nath said that with the increasing population, the management of cities is the biggest challenge before us. He said that it is necessary to prepare a master plan with serious thinking for the development of cities. Several problems can be solved if development is done in a planned manner. He said that with the expansion of cities, we will also have to pay special attention on education, drinking water, public transport, traffic and electricity supply. The government is considering all these points and is making a coordinated action plan for the development of cities. He laid emphasis on developing metropolitan city.

The Chief Minister said that availability of water is also a big challenge in the coming time. To meet this challenge, the government has made a plan to revive the rivers as well as conserve various sources of water. Referring to the smart city, he said that we have to give shape to the concept of smart city with new references and new technology.

Among those who were present in the discussion of Abhyas Mandal were Smt. Shobha Ojha, Shri Mukund Kulkarni of Abhyas Mandal, Retired Chief Engineer of PHE Shri Mukesh Chouhan and SGSITS Professor Shri Sandeep Navlekar.