Notorious Dacoit Babuli Kol and his partner Lavlesh killed in police encounter in Satna

Satna. The notorious dacoit Babli Kol and his accomplice Lovelesh Kol were killed by the Madhya Pradesh Police in an encounter on Sunday night. Babuli had a reward of six and a half lakh rupees and Rs 1.80 lakhs on his partner Lovelesh. Along with Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh Police had been looking for them for a long time. IG Chanchal Shekhar of Rewa Range confirmed Babli and Lovelesh were killed.
Police sources said that on Sunday night SP Riyaz Iqbal was on cobbling in Veerpur forest in Dharkundi area adjoining UP border. Just then, the dacoity of the police encounter Babuli Cole Gang. During this, Babuli and Lovelash were killed by being shot. IG, DIG and SP were camping in Satna for the past several days.
Recently, the dacoit Babuli coal gang kidnapped a farmer named Awadhesh from Harsed village in Madhya Pradesh. Sources said that the dacoits had demanded a ransom amount of 50 lakhs. But, later the farmer was freed after getting six lakh rupees. The police had been following them since the kidnapping of the farmer.
Babuli Cole became a victim of gang war
Initially, there were also reports that Babuli had split into the coal gang over the money-sharing in lieu of kidnapping of farmer Awadhesh. Both of them were killed by Lali Cole, a newly joined gang. However, the police have denied this. Babuli Kol escaped to another state after committing a crime in one state. Due to this, he was not coming to the police.