Women from rich homes extorted crores from officers and politicians for cars and luxury life in MP

Bhopal, September 20, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): There have also been reports of a former MP trying to commit suicide in the case of blackmailing politicians and officers through pornographic videos. Women arrested from Indore and Bhopal were frequently seen at the homes of several officers along with politicians, former ministers, MLAs and former MPs. It is being told that a former MP tried to commit suicide by getting trapped in the trap of one of these women, after which his party pulled him out of the controversy. The police has so far arrested five women and a truck driver (6 in total) from Bhopal and Indore.
These women were demanding Rs 3 crore for threatening to go viral with a video of a student of Indore Municipal Corporation engineer Harbhajan Singh. Everything comes out of the only FIR to blackmail the corporation’s engineer. In Bhaskar’s investigation, it was found that Bhopal’s Aarti husband Pankaj Dayal had a friendship with a corporation engineer. Aarti befriended the engineer of Monika father Lal Yadav, an 18-year-old BSC student of Narsinghgarh, on the pretext of getting a job. In the hotel, Aarti made a video of both of them from a mobile phone. After making the video, Aarti and Monica blackmail the engineer. This process of blackmailing was going on for eight months. During this time, the engineer had paid three times. This time the demand for three crores came, then the engineer lodged a complaint with the police.
SSP Ruchivardhan Mishra told that Harbhajan had given a complaint at Palasiya police station three days ago, after which the police called these women and paid Rs 50 lakh. Greed to take the first installment of. Aarti, Monika and driver Omprakash reached the BCM Heights in Vijay Nagar when they were caught by the police.
Counter Intelligence arrested three women from Bhopal
Madhya Pradesh’s Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) was not caught by high profile women blackmailing politicians and officers, but the inputs were collected by the counter intelligence of Madhya Pradesh. Following the information of the Indore police, the counter intelligence team, with the help of Bhopal police, arrested three women from Aradhana Nagar, Riviera Town and New Minal Residency on Wednesday.
Direct relations with BJP-Congress leaders entered directly into officers’ offices
These women have connections with many influential leaders of the BJP-Congress. Some officers in Vallabh Bhavan have direct visit to Shweta and Swapnil. Shweta Swapnil Jain is related to three former BJP ministers and a former MLA from Indore. She now lives in Duplex number 48 of BJP MLA and former minister Brijendra Pratap Singh from Panna in Rivera Township. BJP MLA from Neemuch Dilip Singh Parihar said that two years ago, Shweta Swapnil had hired my duplex number 126, saying her mother-in-law’s health was poor. Later he vacated the house. Bhopal MP Sadhvi Pragya lives in this house. It is being told that accused Barkha paid three crore rupees in Bhopal. I bought a land in
Aarti Dayal: Sagar Landmark has been living in Minal Residency for almost a year. He has registered a Creta vehicle in his name. Aarti filed a dowry harassment case against her husband Pankaj 8 months ago at Civil Line Police Station in Chhatarpur. It is being told that Aarti has blackmailed about ten people in Chhatarpur too.
Shweta Vijay Jain: Sagar. She lives in New Meenal in Bhopal. In 2015, the company started electrical and thermal insulation product. Police have recovered 14.17 lakh cash from the house. It bought a second-hand Mercedes (MP04CX0072) in June this year. It also has an Audi.
Shweta Swapnil Jain: Shweta, originally from Jaipur, lives here in Riviera. Her husband has been seen at pub parties. Has cheated friends Audi was also found standing near Shweta’s house.
Barkha Soni Bhatnagar: Secondly married to Amit Soni. Amit runs an NGO. Work on projects related to agriculture. Barkha was involved in body trade since 2014. After this Shweta of Sagar joined Jain. Barkha has all the things of cars and luxury.
Monika Yadav: Resident of Rajgarh. Is studying for B.Sc. Age is slightly over 18 years. IAS and some leaders had to come and go. It is active in trapping officers with sweet messages and messages on mobile phones. Aarti had added it.
He has clips of eight leaders and five officers
Reliable sources say that these women are likely to have video clips of eight leaders and five officers. Police got Rs 14.17 lakh from Shweta Jain’s house. Get cash All women have received mobile phones, pen drives and laptops. It is being told that there are more than a dozen videos in laptops, more than 8 SIMs, mobile phones. Police are still investigating all the videos and laptops. Sources in the crime branch say that most of the videos are of politicians and officers, whom these women were blackmailing by implicating them in love.