MP / Honey Trap: 5 women get 15 crores, 90 objectionable videos of 20 officer-leaders found

Bhopal, September 21, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Bhopal, September 21, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Many shocking information came out about the five women who blackmailed the leaders and officers and collected the billions. According to sources, the police and ATS have come to know that these women have made objectionable videos of them by entrapping about 20 people in their web and have recovered about Rs 15 crore from them by threatening to go viral. 50 lakh was recovered from someone and up to three crore rupees from someone. About 90 videos have also been found in the investigation of seized mobiles and 8 SIMs. 30 of these videos are from IAS, IPS officers and leaders. The police have not taken these into the record at the moment. Sent for forensic investigation.
It is also discussed that most of the videos are of Shweta Jain’s husband Vijay and Shweta Jain’s husband Swapnil. There are 5-6 girls attached to them, who work in the racket with them. Some of these started personally interfering with bureaucracy and leaders. The video is also expected to have several officers associated with the state service, promoter IAS and industrialists, who are being investigated. The court sent Shweta husband Vijay Jain, Shweta husband Swapnil Jain and Barkha Amit Soni to jail for demanding Rs 3 crore from a corporation engineer. While the other accused Aarti Dayal, student Monika Yadav and driver Omprakash are on the remand of Indore police till 22 September.
Most officers from Bhopal and Indore
Most of the state service officers have been posted in Indore and Bhopal. A police officer of ADG level was more in touch with these women during the posting in Indore earlier. The women met these officers at a farm house in Indore-Bhopal along with a famous old hotel in Bhopal. Shweta Jain and husband Swapnil came to visit a famous club in Bhopal. Here too, they used to trap both officers. The night the police detained the blackmailer women, Swapnil was seen in the same club in the morning on the very next day. A woman has gone out of India with a former minister.
There were 7-8 people who knew about their cause.
Knew blackmail was happening, yet the people trapped were 7-8 of the 20 people who got caught in the trap of blackmailer women, who knew about their motive. Even after this he remained in contact. However, all electronic devices and Android phones from the accused women have been tested. Seeing the paying capacity of the gang, this gang used to trap them through a mutual friend. Only then did the bargaining begin.
Considered organized crime
Honey Trap, along with senior IAS officer of the state and engineer of Indore Municipal Corporation, is considered by police as an organized crime. Only these two cases were exposed, but many deals done in a secret manner have also reached the ears of the government. This is the reason that Counter Intelligence became active. As soon as the government got the green signal, the 15-member team started keeping an eye on this vicious gang. So far, many revelations have come to light in the investigation.
Now pressure on the police not to reveal too much
The women and students of the Honey Trap gang are being interrogated by the ATS and the Crime Branch in such a confidential manner that they cannot find out anyone outside. Other police officers, employees are also not allowed to reach them. These accused have made many revelations, but now the pressure is being made on the police not to increase the matter much.
Sent a video, I thought mine is: Harbhajan in the FIR
Corporation engineer Harbhajan Singh has been in an unknown place for two days. His phone is also switched off. Bhaskar then filed an FIR in which he wrote – “He has a friendship with a woman, that keeps talking. She mostly talks through WhatsApp calling. One day the woman sent the video. I saw it then she deleted it. Could not be done, but I think that video belongs to me. Now she is calling me WhatsApp in the name of the video and asking for 3 crore rupees and being threatened. “
These women fond of late night parties used to have picnic in the name of highway party
Women caught in honey trap are fond of late night parties. Several videos of liquor parties were also found in his mobile phone. They often had a picnic on Saturday night in the name of a highway party. Resorts, hotels or form houses of Bhopal-Indore Fourlane Road and Sehore Bypass were used for this. IAS-IPS officers were also called in this. Recently, a minister from Bundelkhand had also reached the party, whose post was posted on Facebook. The post was removed by the minister after it was discovered.
Monika confesses, befriends Aarti on Facebook six months ago
Monica Yadav, one of these five women, told the Indore police in an interrogation, “I was impressed after seeing Aarti Dayal’s awe and joined her in the job.” It was not known when he made the video. My friendship with Aarti Madam is six months old.