MP Honey Trap / Court sent accused Aarti and Monika on police remand till 27 September, both fall ill?

monika and aarati dayal

Indore/Bhopal, September 23, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): In the Honey Trap case, the court sent accused youths Aarti Dayal and Monica Yadav on police remand till September 27. While his driver Omprakash has been sent to jail till 4 October. The accused were produced in the court on Sunday after they got the medicals done at MY Hospital.
After the police extended the remand period by Judge Abdullah Ahmed, police reached the police station with accused Monika and Aarti, and both of them were deteriorated. Monica fainted. The police immediately rushed him to MY Hospital where he is being treated.
Police, accused Aarti, who brought accused Monika to the hospital for treatment, also got ill.
Aarti, who is going to appear in court, spoke to the media. Aarti said- Why have you caught us, catch Harbhajan. The media asked Aarti who else was involved in the case. Aarti kept silence on this. Here, Mayor Malini Gaur discussed the matter with Urban Administration Minister Jayawardhan Singh and recommended the suspension of corporation officer Harbhajan. According to sources, the charge of all the departments of the corporation has been withdrawn from Harbhajan Singh.
Earlier on Saturday night, CSP Jyoti reached Hotel Infinity and Hotel Shree, located in Vijay Nagar, with Uth Arti and Monika. Investigation here revealed that on August 18, Harbhajan himself had booked a room at Hotel Shri. On August 30, another girl Roopa Ahirwar also came with Monica and Aarti at Hotel Infinity. Monica had shown fake Aadhar card in the name of Seema daughter Rajesh Soni resident Jabalpur everywhere.
Harbhajan had given contract to Shweta’s brother
Corporation engineer Harbhajan Singh had helped Shweta Swapnil Jain’s brother get the pipeline contract in Indore. The police is investigating this deal. Shweta also has a factory in Bhopal. How he set up the factory and how many rupees it has been transacted so far is also being investigated. On the other hand, Aarti has confessed to blackmailing an IAS officer of Bhopal like Harbhajan.
During the questioning, the police station was kept tight
The SSP and SP reached the women’s police station and questioned Aarti and Monica, but no name other than corporation engineer Harbhajan Singh is being disclosed. When the ATS was interrogating Shweta Jain and Barkha Saini, no officer was going there. As soon as the three went to jail, the restrictions on the women’s police station were lifted. The ATS is also targeting both Shweta and Barkha as they have received important information.
The Honey Trap Gang has informed the police about some other accomplices, but the police will make them accused only after doing their full investigation. Right now, people whose names and addresses have been revealed are being traced and strong evidence is being collected. The biggest question for the police at the moment is who is behind the scenes in the gang.
There were friends in the gym
About Shweta Swapnil Jain and Shweta Vijay Jain, it has come to light that they have been in the gym of an old hotel hotel in Bhopal for the past few years. Many senior officers and industrialists also used to visit this gym. This place made both women the center of the trap. It is being told that Swapnil had a dispute with a senior IAS officer a few days ago in the parking of this hotel.
Crime branch reached Chhatarpur, Aarti’s family missing
Meanwhile, the team of Indore Crime Branch reached Chhatarpur to gather information about Aarti Dayal. Her family has been missing since Aarti’s arrest. On the other hand, Aarti and Monica’s remand ended on Sunday. All the inquiries the police had to make in Harbhajan’s case have been done. Now the police will ask for remand just as a formality.
Mobile kept overnight so that contacts are detected
Shweta Vijay Jain’s mobile was on when the police caught the three women from Bhopal. His mobile switched off the next day at 9 am. Officers say we were checking how many calls he received. Some phone information is also being investigated. On the other hand, when the police brought the three from Bhopal to Indore, the route of the train had changed after Vijayanagar. He was turned to Patanipura and brought to the Women’s Police Station. Police had come to know that a car was following them.
All three women accused kept in separate barracks of district jail
Shweta Jain, Shweta Vijay Jain and Barkha Soni, who lead a luxury life, were sent to different barracks of the district jail. According to District Jail Superintendent Aditi Chaturvedi, the three have told them that there will be no help here. All their papers were made on Saturday, due to which no one was allowed to meet. No family member has asked for time to meet in jail.