13 gangsters paraded in underwear in Rajasthan

Alwar / Jaipur: Surprising pictures of the police have surfaced in Alwar, Rajasthan. In Bahrod, when the police paraded 13 accused in handcuffed hands, the one-time people could not understand what was happening. All of them are accused of absconding the police custody of Vikram alias Papala, a Haryana gangster. On Sunday, the police paraded the under-vest of 13 accused.
Parade in Behror Bazaar in Undergarment
However, the police claim that this was a chance to test the crime scene. On September 6, gangster Vikram Singh alias Papala escaped from police custody from Behror police station. The police, who are investigating the case, were seen parading the street in the undergarment of 13 accused along with armed men. During this time, many passersby also recorded the incident on their mobiles.
Police told routine procedure
Bhiwadi SP Amandeep Singh Kapoor said, ‘We had taken them out to recreate the crime scene, which is a routine process in the investigation of criminal cases. We had no intention of giving any kind of message to the public.