BJP leader’s hotel raided in MP, 16 couples found in suspicious condition

Raisen / Sanchi : In Sanchi, on Sunday, the police cracked down on two hotels and called 8 boys and so many girls for questioning. All these police have got from Jainshree Hotel and Tourist Lodge located on Vidisha Road in Sanchi. The women were handed over to the family by the police after they explained them. Of the arrested youths, 6 are each from Mehgaon and Sanchi of Vidisha. A hotel belongs to the husband of a woman leader of BJP.
SP Monica Shukla was receiving complaints of illegal work going on in Sanchi’s hotels. After this, on Sunday, the SP sent two police teams to Sanchi. Rajkumar Chaudhary and Abhay Soni of Raisen Kotwali police station were made in charge of these parties. The team reached Sanchi at 3 pm. The Rajkumar Dal team raided Janashree Hotel and Abhay Soni Group Tourist Lodge. During this time, young men and women were staying in the rooms of both hotels and lodges.
When the police knocked on the doors, their senses flew away. These young men and women started pleading in front of the police, while some started threatening suicide. The police also got into trouble due to this. However, the young men and women volunteered to come to the hotel and told the police.
Case on Hotel Operators
ASP Awadhesh Pratapsingh told that Sanchi was investigated at the Jainshree Hotel and Tourist Lodge. The youths found in it have been questioned. Restrictive action has been taken on the youth. At the same time, the girls have been explained and handed over to their families. At the same time, the operators of Hotel Jainshree and Tourist Lodge have taken action against the violation of public service orders. The Jain Hotel is headed by Nirmal Jain, the husband of the former Mandal president of the BJP Mahila Morcha, while Gajendra Baghel is the director of the Tourist Lodge. During the police investigation, records of the occupants of both the hotel and the lodge rooms were not found. Whereas according to the public service order, every person living there, including their ID, should enter their information in the register. Not only this, it is a rule to send this information to the concerned police station.
Sanchi hotels in discussion
Sanchi hotels have often been discussed about these matters. Illegal businesses are conducted in some Sanchi hotels. Here the album of girls is kept. One is tempted by showing the photo on WhatsApp.