Honey trap: Aarti made Monika blackmailing tool when she herself failed to entice engineer

Indore. Aarti Dayal and Monika, who Honey traped, engineer are making many revelations. Aarti, who describes herself as a naturopath was in a live-in relationship with a young man in Chhatarpur. After getting to know the family, she broke away from him and moved to Bhopal’s Minal area. Here she befriended Shweta and another blackmailer gang. According to the police, when Aarti saw the glittering life of Shweta and her companions, she too started dreaming of becoming a millionaire. When Shweta introduced her to Harbhajan Singh, Aarti had prepared the script to trap him.
During interrogation, it has been revealed that at first, Aarti herself tried to trap Harbhajan and sent many messages to WhatsApp to make a relation. Also met twice in the cafe and restaurant in Indore, but she felt that it was not easy to make a video, then she included Monica in this game. She convinced her that the engineer was a very easy pray. Through blackmailing “I will get money and you will get a government job”. Aarti felt that if the video ever went viral during the bullying, then she would not be disgraced. Not many people knew Monica.
Rupa was with Monica-Aarti but did not meet Harbhajan: Rupa Ahirwar also came with Monica and Aarti on August 30 at Hotel Infinity. However, Roopa did not meet Harbhajan. She came to the hotel and left for some work. Police have asked for CCTV footage after noticing Hotel Shree and Infiniti.
It is learned that Aarti’s brother studies in a college in Indore. On Sunday, he also came during Aarti’s court appearance. The police is collecting information that when Aarti used to come to Indore to meet her brother, whom would she meet. His brother messaged Harbhajan Singh and requested him to get his sister released.