UP: Officer asks scavangers to eat two cows died in Gaushala, ADO advised to dispose of them, suspend

Basti: Maintenance of cows in Kanha House, built in Basti, Uttar Pradesh for nomadic animals, is proving to be crooked, a recent example of which is seen in Rudhauli area. On the death of two cows due to negligence in Kanha House operated here, the ADO Panchayat gave a peculiar advice to the scavenger dispose of the carcass of the cow. Annoyed by the officer’s statement, the sweeper made the audio of the conversation go viral on social media and finally the ado fell.
Taking the matter seriously on Sunday, the CDO has suspended the ADO Panchayat. It is said that Kanha House in Bajaha village of Rudhauli is being operated by the district administration for the last few months. Two cows died here on Saturday for some reason. Vijay Sen, a sanitation worker posted at the Kanha House to look after the cows, got furious when he informed the ADO panchayat Rajesh Pandey over the phone.
Audio viral on WhatsApp group
The scavenger had only asked, “Sir, what should we do with these dead cows?” On this, the ADO Panchayat abused him and said, ‘She died … so why are you telling us, if the cow is worth eating then eat it ..’ The ADO’s advice came as a shock to the scavengers and made the audio of the conversation with the ADO go viral on a WhatsApp group. CDO Arvind Kumar Pandey said that ADO Panchayat Rajesh Pandey has been suspended for using indecent language. An inquiry has been ordered into the reasons behind the death of the cows.