Another honey trap scandal surfaces in Bhopal; girls extorted lakhs of rupees

Bhopal, September 24, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): The capital police has revealed another honeytrap case. The women involved in this gang first used to make connections with the people and then charged them with a hefty amount of money. Police have come to know that the girls involved in the gang used to fly to Delhi and Mumbai by plane.
According to the information received from the police sources, there was a long complaint about this gang. The special thing was that there were many hideouts in Bhopal, the capital of the gang. Due to repeated location change, they were facing difficulty in capturing. Mangalbar was eventually captured on the basis of mobile location.
According to the Nishatpura police, the arrested accused had contacts in star hotels in Bhopal, Mumbai and Delhi. The accused kept their fake names while contacting the customers. When blackmailing, he used these names. Due to the name change, the police also faced a lot of trouble in finding them.
In 2013, one of the arrested accused was arrested and jailed along with other men and women under body trade in Piplani police station. Its companions first befriended people with money and then introduced them to the girls involved in the gang. These people started blackmailing a few days after they formed a relationship with consent or transaction. They used to collect lakhs of rupees in the name of registering rape cases. An accused involved in this gang has more than 16 cases registered in various police station areas of Bhopal.
This is how the complaint reached the police
After the high profile honeytrap case was exposed in Bhopal Indore, one of the victims Nishapatpura police station had applied for blackmailing Neepa Dhote, Rivana Baig, Rupnarayan Giri, Dipankar Mandal alias Babu for over a year.
The complainant had said in her complaint that all these accused came to her mobile shop almost a year ago and then Neepa had got a mobile finance. All these people used to come to my and my brother’s shop to get electronic goods, due to which I started to recognize these people.
About 8 months ago, Neepa, Rupnarayan Giri, Dipankar Mandal alias Babu had asked me to borrow 5 lakh rupees, Neepa Dhote and Rivana started threatening to say that you did not lend me money, you and your brother Sunny Will get trapped in rape case and rot in jail.
Due to fear of intimidation, I had put about 70-80 thousand rupees in installments in Neepa Dhote’s account. After this, they started demanding the rest of the money. Neepa Dhote sent me to jail after reporting rape against me for not giving me money.