Blackmailer girl Monika’s family is extremely poor, house dilapidated; father taken into custody

Bhopal, September 24, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): The family of Blackmailer girl Monika Yadav is extremely poor. Her house in Samvasi village in Rajgarh district is also in a dilapidated condition.
On Monday, the police arrived at Samvasi village (near Narsinghgarh) in Rajgarh district at around 10:30 pm. There Maranika’s father was summoned through the sarpanch representative and took him into the car and interrogated him. Police say that this will help Manika to put her side.
Earlier, Indore police reached Sagar Landmark in Ayodhya Nagar bypass in Bhopal at around 7:30 pm on Monday with accused Monika Yadav. Monika was staying here as Aarti Dayal’s room partner for the last four months.
Indore police have now detained Hiralal Yadav, father of accused Monika Yadav in the honeytrap case in Madhya Pradesh.
A team of Indore police reached village Sawansi in Narsinghgarh tehsil of Rajgarh district late Monday night and took Hiralal Yadav along with them.
The police team had brought Monika Yadav along with them and were looking for some material evidence that the accused in her interrogation had revealed was kept inside the house.
The police team first contacted the village sarpanch Inder Singh and the search was conducted in his presence.
“The police had come to the village along with Monika who told me that she was trapped by some people whom she described as high and mighty,” Inder Singh said after the police team left the village.
“Monika Yadav comes from a very poor family. The family had some land dispute in the past and in the process of resolving that dispute she got in touch with one Aarti Dayal who took her to Bhopal saying she would help her do journalism,” Inder Singh added.
Top police officers in the PHQ confirmed that Monika’s father had been detained.
“He has been brought to Bhopal and would also be taken to Indore where he would be confronted with Aarti Dayal, the other accused of the case. Aarti was to be taken to Rajgarh on Monday and was also to be brought to Bhopal but she is throwing a lot of tantrums and is feigning weakness everytime a new question is put to her. She had visited Rajgarh as per Monika’s statement so we need to verify that,” a top pilice officer privy to the investigations said.
The police, however, are tightlipped on whether Hiralal Yadav has any role to play in the scam and also on whether he would be arrested.
Monika Yadav was also taken to the rented flat in Bhopal on Monday evening where she stayed along with Aarti Dayal.
Aarti Dayal and Monika Yadav were arrested along with their driver on September 18 from a hotel in Indore when they had gone to collect the first instalment of Rs 50 lakh of extortion money from city engineer Harbhan Singh whose objectionable videos were recorded by them.