Gammon’s CBD project registration canceled by RERA, MP housing board will complete work

Bhopal, September 24, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): RERA has canceled the registration of Gammon India’s Srishti CBD project with immediate effect due to late work. It is a commercial cum residential project located in New Market. Also, RERA has suggested to the state government that just as the government of Amrapali Group’s project is being made by another government agency on the orders of Supreme Court, similarly this project of Gammon can be completed through MP Housing Board.
At the same time, Sanjay Dubey, Principal Secretary, Urban Development and Housing Department, said that the Housing Board can make the remaining project of Gammon India, but RERA has issued this advisory today. The board does not have its conceptual request. If there are many, we will consider.
1263 flat-shops to be built in the 330 crore project: This project is being supported by Deepmala Infrastructure Private Limited. In 2008, Bhopal’s most expensive 330 crore rupees. Project work of K was started, which was to end in 2013. It has 1263 flats and shops to be built. Of these 288 premium apartments, 22 penthouses, 349 shops, 18 big shops are to be built. 50% of its bookings have been done and 10 buyers have filed a case against the company for not working on the project. Rera found that the company’s project site was deserted.
 The office is also desolate. Rera sent several notices to his registered addresses in Bhopal and Mumbai since May, but no response was received. Only after this, the pending license of the project was canceled. It is worth mentioning that the cost of each unit built in this project is about one crore rupees.
What to do with the housing board: Rera contends that the land on which the CBD project is located is government and the government has given it on lease to Deepmala Infrastructure, but the T&CP had given permission to the MP Housing Board to construct it. In a way, he is also a project management agency. Therefore, in order to protect the interests of those who book houses and shops in Gammon’s project, the rest of the work should be given to the Housing Board.
What is advisory: Section 8 of the RERA Act provides that an advisory can be issued by a government agency to complete a project which is not likely to get any work done. The government can consider it.