Honey trap: SIT Chief changed within 20 years, now ADG Sanjeev Shami to investigate

Bhopal, September 24, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): The SIT investigation into the Honeytrap case came into controversy even before it began. The DGP had to replace the SIT Chief within 20 hours. Now ADG Intelligence Sanjeev Shami has been made the new Chief of SIT. Indore SSP Ruchivardhan Mishra has also been included in Shami’s team.
 The DGP constituted the SIT on Monday to investigate the high profile. Its chief was made IG CID D Srinivas Verma, who was the DIG of Bhopal. However, on Tuesday, D Srinivas was renamed to Sanjeev Shami as the new Chief of SIT. It includes about 12 officers at the SP, ASP, CSP and Inspector level.
 Sources reveal that when D Srinivas was asked, he refused to investigate the matter. But the order to make him Chief was removed. After this, on Tuesday, he openly refused to investigate the matter. Soon after, Sanjeev Shami was made the Chief of the SIT.
 What is honeytrap case?
 Following the complaint of Indore Municipal Corporation engineer Harbhajan demanding Rs 3 crore, Bhopal and Indore police took action and arrested five women who were blackmailing. These women blackmailed officers and politicians by making videos of them. In this high profile case, a former Chief Minister, former Governor, former MP, BJP and Congress leaders and bureaucrats are being implicated. However, so far no name has been revealed in this case.