Chandigarh women goes topless on road to evade fare of auto

Chandigarh: A strange incident at the PGI intersection, Chandigarh, the city’s busiest place, shocked people. A young lady created a ruckus here and took off her t-shirt and started shouting loudly. People were stunned by the high voltage drama of the girl and traffic jammed on the road. The police then handled the case and pacified the woman. The woman had a dispute with the auto driver. The driver says that after driving on auto for three hours, he asked for the fare from the woman and she resorted to such an act.
According to the information, a young woman hired an auto rickshaw to visit Chandigarh on Wednesday morning. It is said that the woman wandered in Chandigarh for about three hours. After this she asked the auto driver to reach PGI Chowk. The driver arrived at PGI Chowk carrying the woman.
The auto driver said that the woman hired her auto in the name of visiting Chandigarh. After roaming for about three hours at different places in Chandigarh, the girl asked her to drop in front of PGI. After landing at PGI Chowk,she asked for the fare from the girl.
Controversy arose over this. There was a dispute on the road between the auto driver and the woman. The woman is said to have given her mobile phone to the auto driver in exchange for the fare, but he refused to take the phone. Meanwhile, the crowd grew and the matter started catching up. The woman took off her t-shirt on the middle road and started making a ruckus after being half-hearted. This caused the people present there to move around.
Meanwhile, a person captured the video of the entire case on mobile. Due to the dispute, traffic was blocked at the Chowk and after receiving information, the police team also reached. Policemen explained to the girl and dispersed the crowd.
First erupted on police, then worn T-shirt
The police explained and extinguished the girl making a furore in a semi-conditioned condition, but she was not taking the name of being calm. The woman did not listen to even one of the policemen and kept shouting loudly. After much persuasion, the woman calmly put on a T-shirt. After this, the matter subsided.
Traffic jam due to accumulation of vehicles and people
Due to the dispute, a large number of people gathered and the drivers also stopped the vehicles. Due to this, the situation of the road became very far jammed. During this time the ambulance driver going to PGI also faced a problem. The police team on the spot handled the whole matter. Efforts are being made to negotiate and negotiate on rent between the two parties in front of the police in the case.
“There has been no complaint about the woman making a furore on the middle road by the auto driver seeking fare at PGI Chowk.” On receipt of the complaint, appropriate legal action will be taken in the case.