13 IAS targeted by Honey Trap Gang of Madhya Pradesh, preparing to blackmail by making sex videos

Bhopal, September 26, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Another major revelation has been in the Madhya Pradesh Honey Trap case. Investigating agencies have received a ‘target list’ of IAS officers from the members of this gang, whom the beauties had trapped in their love trap and were now preparing for blackmailing by making their sex videos. The names of such IAS officers are listed in code in the list of Honey Trap gang.
So far, more than 4 thousand files have been prepared by the investigating agencies in this case, which is said to be the ‘biggest blackmailing scandal’ in the country and the process of meeting them is still going on. The victims of this gang are top leaders of four states, IAS officers, engineers, big businessmen. These sex videos and pornographic chat, blackmailing evidence have been recovered from gang members’ laptops and mobiles.
Learn the full story of ‘Honey Trap’ scandal that shakes Madhya Pradesh
After the revelations, now the question is arising that who are behind this sex and blackmailing gang wholly operated by women? Who used to target them? Sources said that the SIT probing the case has got a list, which has names of at least 13 such IAS officers who are at different times in fisheries, agriculture, culture, industry, urban administration, labor, forest. , Has worked in water resources, public relations and administrative departments.
The gang’s director had created a ‘hit list’
The director of this sex blackmailing gang made a ‘hit list’ on the pages of a government diary. An officer related to the investigation said that the names of the officers included in the target list were ticked and something was written in the code language. The names of some officers have been cordoned off and some officers have ‘important’ or ‘OK’ written on them. Investigators are finding out the meaning of what is written in the code language.
The officer told that how many officers were trapped by the beauties in their entourage, it is still a matter of investigation. According to sources, some video clips have been found from the mobile phones of the beauties of this gang. An officer said, “The officers trapped in the Mohapash are being identified by looking at the video clip and a show cause notice will be issued to them without taking into consideration their posts or seniority”.