Another honey trap in Ashok Nagar of Madhya Pradesh, two women arrested

Ashoknagar On the lines of metros, events like honeytrap have also started happening in the city. On Wednesday, the police arrested two women who blackmailed a contractor’s Orissa resident supervisor and demanded Rs 15 lakh from them. In this mini honeytrap case, the accused had taken an amount of Rs 1.5 lakh from the trapped supervisor. On the second day, when the blackmailer’s companions arrived to take 50 thousand rupees, the police caught them. The women were absconding since yesterday. The police has registered a case of blackmailing.
Kotwali TI PP Mudgil said that on August 22, Odisha resident of Sasikant Raut son Shankarlal in Kotwali along with his contractor Hatim Ansari in Kotwali said that he and Jairam Chaudhary work as supervisors in the construction of the contractor. A day earlier, on August 21, the contractor had sent one and a half lakh rupees to Ashoknagar National Hardware’s Seth. After paying the money in the afternoon, I got a call from a woman named Nikki whom he already knew. Nikki called the two young men to the old market to meet.
Jayaram told that the girl was taken to a house near the Neem tree and after a while two boys and a woman arrived. He took off his shirt and started asking for 15 lakh rupees in the name of getting caught in false hair. When Jayaram got scared, he told that now he has come to give Seth one and a half lakh rupees, on which the accused stopped him there and sent pressure to send money to a man.
Police arrested the young man for taking 50 thousand rupees
When Jairam called, one of the accused brought one and a half lakh rupees from the shop. After this, he left when he decided to give 50 thousand rupees the next day. After reaching Isagarh and told the entire incident to the contractor, after reaching with the contractor, he informed about the matter in Kotwali and when he called the woman to give Rs 50,000, he asked her to come to the petrol pump near the wired Balaji temple. As soon as the young man came to get money, the police caught him. The arrested youth was named Sukhdev, while the other 4 accused of blackmailing were absconding since then in which two women were arrested on Wednesday.
Arrested before appearing in court
When Sanjay Rai, posted in Kotwali, came to know about the appearance of the said women in the court, he arrested both the accused from the spot along with the women police force. In addition to the girl Nikki Rajak, Pooja Jain is arrested. While Sanjeev Yadav and Vishal Aggarwal are looking for the police.