24 college girls were used in honeytrap, SIT chief gave detailed report to CM

Bhopal, September 27, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): A shocking new revelation has been revealed in the Honey Trap case. The women caught in Honeytrap also used 24 college girls to fulfill the demand of their customers. These disclosures have been made by the women caught during the investigation. Monica Yadav is considered one of these. Here, there is also talk of big businessmen trapped in the capital. Also, caught women can soon reveal their names.
Chief Minister Kamal Nath is monitoring himself. He took the full report from SIT Chief Sanjeev Shami, who was investigating on Thursday. It is being told that he also put before the Chief Minister some serious topics related to the big politicians, IAS and IPS officers associated with Honey Trap. Apart from this, the CM has also called the CM House and talks separately and took feedback.
Ghaziabad flat vacated
The state government has vacated the flat in Ghaziabad of Cyber ​​Cell in Delhi. DGP VK Singh also summoned a senior IPS officer in the case and reprimanded him. Also asked, after whose permission was this flat taken and what was the reason for taking the flat so far? There is also news of giving notice to IPS. According to sources, women and women accused in this case often used to go to Delhi-Rajasthan. Police have found clues about their stay in Delhi and VIP arrangements in the investigation. It was then revealed that the cyber cell in Delhi had rented a flat in a posh area of ​​Ghaziabad in the name of government work.
Government serious on the activity of an IAS officer
Even after the surveillance started, the government has become serious about an IAS officer who reached Shweta Swapnil’s house. It is being told that these officers were seen at Shweta’s house in Riviera. There is a possibility of action against them. However, this decision has to be taken from the Chief Minister level.
Case filed against women-assisted policemen
The Crime Branch has registered a case of brawl against three policemen who helped callgirls in the business of high profile blackmailing under the guise of gism. At the behest of the accused, the accused used to pressurize the nobles to raise money. The police have also arrested the three policemen on Thursday. In this case, the team arrested nine call girls, eight customers and three brokers on Wednesday itself. A total of 23 accused were taken to the court on Thursday afternoon by a police mini bus. Earlier, the police confronted the three policemen with the ringleader. As the gangster started exposing handcuffs, the three policemen could not give any answer.
Police reached Bhopal to seize bank accounts
Letters have been written to banks in Bhopal to seize the bank accounts of the four women accused of Honey Trap Gang. Just got information about their 5 accounts. Also, a team is collecting information about the legitimate and illegal assets of the four women. Officials say that the names of the five companies and some NGOs being operated by these accused have also been known. Their financial details will be known by writing a letter to the administration.