Speed ​​control is necessary to prevent accidents: Opinion of subject matter experts

Training of Nodal Officers of Road Safety Implementation Committee held in PTRI
Breath Analyzer given to all districts after demo
Bhopal, September 27, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Assistant Inspector General of Police, Shri Kumar Saurabh has said that as per the directions of the Supreme Court, target has been set to reduce accidents by 50 percent by the year 2020. In view of this, many security measures are being used. In this series, breath analyzers were made available to all districts today. Along with this, training is also being given through the usage method. Shri Saurabh said that the equipment should be used in such a way that it brings good results. Shri Saurabh was addressing the training programme of policemen and nodal officers of Road Safety Implementation Committee at Police Training and Research Institute (P.T.R.I) today.
M.A.N.I.T. Professor and subject matter expert Shri Rahul Tiwari said that accidents happen mostly due to confusion. He said that speed control is very important to prevent accidents. The higher the speed, the higher are the chances of death. The components of road safety contribute significantly in reducing accidents. Engineering, enforcement and education are very important in this. In addition, emergency care plays an important role after an accident.
Expert Shri Tiwari informed that several times wrong signboards also become the cause for accidents. Sign board should be used as per requirement at a certain time and place. Mostly it is seen that during the accident, people waste time in making allegations-counter allegations against each other and do not take care of the victim. He also gave information about black spots and blind spots including stopping site distance and over taking site distance.
Assistant Inspector General of Police Smt. Anita Malviya and Shri Prashant Sharma were also present in the training.