After Imrati Devi, MP minister Jeetu Patwari says ‘100% Patwaris take bribe’

Indore / Bhopal, September 29, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): After the lukewarm act of Madhya Pradesh’s Women and Child Development Minister Imarti Devi, now the state’s Higher Education and Sports Minister Jitu Patwari has also made a statement. In the ‘Your Government, Your Door’ program in Rangwasa village of Rau, on Saturday, Minister Jeetu Patwari spoke about taking action against the Patwaris indulging in corruption from an open platform. The minister said, ‘Collector, your 100 percent Patwaris take bribe (Patwari). Put a check on them.
Higher Education Minister Jeetu Patwari warned to take action against the officials and employees who took bribe in the meeting of Rangwasa village. Also appealed to the people not to give bribe. He told Collector Lokesh Kumar Jatav in the meeting, ‘Even after requesting to join hands, they (Patwari) do not believe to work.’ Jeetu Patwari told the people, ‘Taking and giving bribe is both a crime. If someone asks, you refuse it and get it done. If it does not work even after the application, then let me know. He also warned officers and employees from the open platform. Jeetu Patwari said, ‘Poor women are getting worried for pension. When she goes to meet him, she says that she has filled the forms five-five times, but no one is going to see. If complaints are not resolved then action will be taken.
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Even take money to correct the name
The minister said in the ‘Your government, your door’ program that many times it comes to the coupon of poverty line. Many people also come with the complaint of the Patwaris that Patwari asks for money to correct the wrong name in the form. He said, ‘Cases have been pending for six-six years, so Kamal Nath government has prepared an ambitious program like your government-your door. Our aim is to solve all the problems within a month. Jeetu Patwari told the officers that you should also keep in mind in your department, what is the status of the complaints under your government, your door. He told the people that those who have given applications in today’s program, if their work is not done till next month’s program, then complain so that action can be taken against the officials concerned.
Regarding illegal colonies in Indore, Minister Jeetu Patwari instructed the collector not to allow them to grow. The minister said, ‘Collector sir, we have to stop illegal colonies. Run a campaign across the district. The illegal colony that will be formed today, will become the home of the problem tomorrow. The work of legalizing illegal colonies is being done in our government, but we have to stop this process of legalizing illegal. If illegal colonies continue to be cut in this way, then what will your management do in the coming time, it is a matter of concern. Therefore, those who are sitting on the post, whether they are from Nagar Panchayat, Zilla Panchayat, MLA or Minister, if they do not think this, then who will think. ‘
Imarti Devi’s statement went viral
However, on the one hand, Kamal Nath government minister Imrati Devi had already come into the headlines by giving a statement about the money being transferred in the transfer that the statement of Jeetu Patwari has further heated up the matter about corruption in the state government. In the video of Women and Child Development Minister Imarti Devi going viral, she is seen saying that ‘you have to pay money for the transfer of the doctor, only suspend it well’.