Bhopal thana incharge ran blackmailing racket with help of call girls, extorted millions of rupees

Bhopal . The then police station in-charge of Ayodhya Nagar, Harish Yadav and his three associate policemen had extorted millions of rupees by blackmailing the people along with the help of call girls. After confirmation of Harish Yadav’s involvement in police investigation, IG Bhopal Yogesh Deshmukh has written a letter to Sagar SP to take action against Harish. In this regard, Bhopal police will also summon Yadav by sending a notice. On Friday, both the call girls and both the brokers got bail from the court.
Harish Yadav is currently a TI in Bahria police station of Sagar. On September 24, the Pakdai gang used to blackmail married and businessmen by threatening to implicate them in a false case of excesses. Call girl’s mobile phone has found strong evidence against Harish Yadav, ASI Bahadur Patel posted in Misrod, Sepoy Rupan Raju posted at Ayodhya Nagar police station and Sepoy Sangaratna Singh. The three policemen posted in Bhopal have been suspended by the DIG with immediate effect.
Raju has an important role …
 Rupan Raju, a constable posted at the Ayodhya Nagar police station, was in contact with the call girls and both touts. It was he who introduced Harish Yadav to this gang. Harish Yadav had threatened him that I should be aware of anything in my police station area. The call girls were living in a society in Ayodhya Nagar.
 ASI Bahadur Patel and Sepoy Sangaratna Singh were already associated with Babu Mandal and Giri. Harish Yadav had recovered lakhs of rupees by blackmailing more than five businessmen during his five-month tenure (12 October 2018 to 2 March 2019) of station in-charge Ayodhya Nagar. Out of the amount used by the TI from the traders, only 10 to 15 thousand rupees were given to the call girls.
 Some evidence has been found against the station in-charge in this case. I have written a letter to IG Sagar recommending strict action against the station in-charge. – Yogesh Deshmukh, IG Bhopal Range