Madhya Pradesh Principal Secretary also involved in honey trap, blackmailing of IAS officers

Bhopal, September 29, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): As the investigation is progressing in the Honey Trap case of Madhya Pradesh, so many big names are appearing in it. Now on Saturday, the name of a principal secretary working in the government has also surfaced, who along with a builder of Gwalior and members of the Honey Trap gang has been blackmailing them by making videos of senior IAS officers. In the Honey Trap case, this nexus of principal secretary, builder and gang members has been complained to CM Kamal Nath. A complaint letter has also been sent to the Chief Minister in this regard, a copy of this letter is also available with News 18.
Big exploits in the Ministry of Agriculture
The honey trap case has come to the headlines after the nexus between the principal secretary, the builder and the gang was revealed. In fact, in the complaint letter given to CM Kamal Nath, it has been said that this alliance, which was active in the Ministry of Agriculture, used to run the business of trapping and blackmailing the senior administrative officials of the government. This gang was active in trapping senior IAS officers or blackmailing people through the department’s government orders. It has been told that this gang also made a pornographic video of senior IAS officer. The builder of Gwalior along with a principal secretary of the ministry and the accused couple involved in the Honey Trap gang used to blackmail the officials. The builder in the ministry used to roam with the accused couple throughout the day. NEWS 18 also has a copy of the complaint and a photo of the people involved in the gang, including the photo of the Principal Secretary.