Honey Trap: Shweta Jain, Aarti Dayal supplied call girls to many cities

Bhopal. Shweta Jain of Sagar and Aarti Dayal of Chhatarpur, who were arrested by the Indore police in the Honeytrap case, were related to women of dubious character in Sagar. According to sources, these two women used to provide girls from Sagar from Bhopal or other cities on the lines of hawala to people coming from any tour or other work. These two have had tie-ups from a woman living in a colony on Narsinghpur Road in Makaronia to a woman from Dhana.
According to those who knew Shweta Jain closely, she used to provide girls in Sagar in two ways. One way was that a resident of Makaronia-Dhana used to tell these two agents to provide girls by asking for payment in Bhopal. Later she used to get the amount to the female agent of Sagar through various means.
The second way was that they would get these hobbyists to contact these local agents on reaching the ocean. According to sources, a woman living in Makaronia has lived a very high profile life. He has connections with the political and industrial people of the city. The women of Dhana have been suspicious of body trade by forming a group of girls from rural areas.
Aarti wanted to build her own empire in Khajuraho.
According to police sources, Aarti Dayal, who came into the limelight after registering a dowry harassment case against her husband in Chhatarpur, wanted to make Khajuraho her stronghold apart from Bhopal-Indore. She was also in contact with both these agents of Makaronia-Dhana. Both the women gradually started sending girls’ families from here to Bhopal and then to Chhatarpur in the name of working in NGOs. But due to the small town of Chhatarpur and other reasons, he started to avoid Aarti Dayal.
SIT may come to Chhatarpur with Aarti
Aarti Dayal, the main accused in the Honey Trap case, along with 4 other accused have been taken on the SIT remodel. The police want to answer all these accused questions simultaneously. Aarti Dayal has been given a police remand till October 1 by the court. The police has told the court that they want to take Aarti to Chhatarpur. Hence there is a possibility that Aarti may be brought to Chhatarpur on Monday.
Partner can be questioned
Many Aarti firms, companies and NGOs are registered. Some people of Chhatarpur are partners in this. The SIT has not yet disclosed these names. There is a possibility that the police may also interrogate these business partners.