Honey trap: Accused tried to sell sex videos of political leaders for 30 crore

Bhopal: The nation’s largest “is believed to be a sex scandal ‘Honey Trap case of Madhya Pradesh is now a new revelation. The Honey Trap accused did not use the sex videos just to blackmail politicians and officials trapped in the trap. During the Lok Sabha elections, an attempt was made to sell the sex videos of the leaders to the leaders of their opposition parties at a nominal price. The accused felt that their rivals would be ready to pay the price for the vulgar videos of the leaders so that the image of the concerned leaders could be taken for political advantage. The two accused in the Honey Trap case had several rounds of talks with some Congress and BJP leaders about the transaction, but the deal was stuck on the money.
Attempted to sell sex videos for 30 crores rupees
Two of the women caught in the Honey Trap scandal tried to sell videos of intimate relationships with women of several big leaders for Rs 30 crore during the Lok Sabha elections. In this case, these women had several rounds of talks with some leaders regarding the transaction. Sources say that after the change in power after the assembly elections in the state, these women had reduced their interference in the new government, so these women kept in touch with many leaders of the party, the Congress party associated with the government and the leaders of the opposition party BJP on the other hand Was.
The accused were also contacted by the leaders personally
These women asked for the money they wanted, claiming to be videos of several leaders of both parties, but when the matter did not work, they contacted the leaders personally. A video of a Bhopal leader was also made by these women and based on that video, he wanted to deal with the leaders of both BJP and Congress parties.
Were willing to pay Rs 6 crore leader: source
Sources reveal that leaders of a political party agreed to buy several videos for Rs 6 crore, but women and those close to them did not agree to sell videos for less than Rs 30 crore. Sources say that these women were mistaken that people associated with political parties would buy their videos at the desired price, as they could affect the image of other party leaders. But no one agreed to take it because the amount demanded was too much.
Only then the matter of the video had reached the police, since the elections were on the radar
If we trust the talk of people associated with political parties, then during the elections these women could not get a video deal. After that, these women made small sums of money by contacting directly related leaders. At the same time, after the election, the police department and the government people started keeping an eye on them, because the news of these women having videos of many big people was revealed.
Obscene videos made with women of many politicians, officers
On the complaint of Municipal Corporation Engineer Harbhajan Singh, the police has so far arrested 5 women and one man. The SIT (Special Investigation Team) has been formed to investigate the matter. SIT sources say that a large number of video clippings have been found from the mobiles, laptops and pen drives of the women caught. The SIT has received over 4000 clipping files and several photographs and audio clippings have also been recovered. The accused women have also revealed the names of several leaders and officers in the interrogation. The SIT is currently refraining from disclosing anything.