Honey trap: All 3 women cry in court, one-day transit remand given

monika and aarati dayal

Bhopal, September 30, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Honeytrap accused Shweta Swapnil Jain, Shweta Vijay Jain and Barkha Soni were produced in the court on Monday. The three women accused started crying in the court room. Barkha said in the court that the police was assaulting her. She is also being mentally tortured. Shweta Swapnil Jain’s lawyer Vijay Chaudhary also accused the investigating agency of mentally and physically torturing his party.
In the court of Magistrate Bharat Kumar Vyas, government lawyer Sudha Vijay Singh Bhadoria told that the three women accused were to be produced in the Indore court but could not be produced before the evening, so one day transit remand should be granted. He said that the three women accused in the crime registered at Palasiya police station in Indore were presented. The court has approved a one-day transit remand.
Moved from the second gate
There was a gathering of people at the main gate outside the court. Media was also waiting at the main gate, but the SIT and the police team rushed the accused from the previous gate to the magistrate court on the second floor.
The accused was arrested on the objection of the lawyer
The lawyer objected to the women being put in the dock. At this, women were raised outside the box. The magistrate asked the women to remove the mask from the face and asked their names. After this, asked that you guys had something to say. It seemed that the women wanted to say something, but they kept quiet. The magistrate ordered the three accused to be produced before the Indore court by 11.30 am on Tuesday.
Prevented husband from visiting
Spupanil, husband to meet Shweta, also reached court, but SIT officials stopped her. Swapnil said on this – Tell Shweta Swapnil has come to meet her. She will be happy. However, an SIT officer took Swapnil outside the court room on the pretext of talking. After this, Swapnil was not seen in the court premises.
Let the wife bail, I will tell you a lot
Swapnil Jain said that his wife has been implicated in a false case at the behest of a senior officer. His NGO was deceived by a person named Pathak a year ago. She also named a female journalist. Swapnil said that he wanted to tell a lot, but let my wife bail once.