Honey trap: Blackmailing videos were shot in 2 Indore hotels

Bhopal, October 1, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Shweta Vijay Jain is the mastermind behind the scenes in blackmailing municipal engineer Harbhajan Singh. She introduced Aarti Dayal to Harbhajan. Harbhajan forgot this and he only named Aarti. Now during interrogation, Aarti confessed that Shweta was commanding her. When Aarti asked for 3 crores for blackmailing, Harbhajan had said that the amount is rather hefty.
Aarti put a phone on this and the amount was decreased to 2 crores. That phone call was made to Shweta. According to SSP Ruchivardhan Mishra, Shweta’s mastermind was revealed in the interrogation of all. Aarti confessed that Shweta said that Harbhajan had helped her brother Raja in many contracts, so she could not directly blackmail him.
He made Aarti meet Harbhajan for this work. Aarti demanded the contract, but Harbhajan did not pay heed. Even after meeting more than 30 times, Harbhajan did not help Aarti, so Shweta made a plan that she should now blackmail through the student. One or two videos of that should be made. Only after this, Harbhajan’s videos were made in two hotels in Indore. Finally, she demanded 3 million rupees blackmailing.
Shweta also knew this, but the student did not know how many rupees were being demanded. After the demand of blackmailing, Harbhajan reached Amer Hotel to meet Aarti. He said money demanded by them is too hefty. Aarti then called Shweta. Shweta said reduce one crore. The engineer could not understand whom Aarti called. Therefore, he did not get Shweta’s name recorded even while logding the report.