India Desperately Needs Gandhi-Kamal Nath

BLOG-On 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi
BBhopal, October 1, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Great are those who saw and heard Mahatma Gandhi. A noblest personality like Mahatma Gandhi is born in centuries. The great scientist Albert Einstein truly said that – the generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.
Today India is celebrating Gandhi ji’s 150th birth anniversary. This is an unprecedented opportunity for all of us. It is a special occasion not only for India but also for many countries like India because Mahatma Gandhi was a global citizen. The whole world was avid to learn how India fought and won its battle for independence with two divine weapons – Truth and Non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi had already joined the league of world’s top leaders from the days of leading the Satyagraha in South Africa and later the freedom struggle in India. Hence, the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of the Mahatma naturally has its global significance.
Today, we need to realise the vision of Mahatma Gandhi and understand his philosophy. The Gandhian philosophy offers solutions to many complex problems. It has remedies for addressing political, social and economic tensions that are troubling many countries including India. Gandhi ji can help stop degradation of moral values and erosion of human dignity. Gandhiji’s thoughts can guide to avoid the menace caused by religious bigotry.
Gandhiji was ahead of his time. His life teaches that adopt good thoughts and bad thoughts will disappear. Thoughts do not have decorative value only. They are instruments for purification of the soul. They do human welfare.
Today we need to learn a lot from Gandhiji. His life is his message. It is repository of valuable learnings. We understand Truth in the truest manner and learn to internalise it. The school of Gandhi Darshan has now become a university and is always open to all. People of different castes, following different religious faiths and ideologies can join and learn.
Mahatma Gandhi is the identity of India. India is referred to as Gandhi’s country across the world. The idea of India is incomplete without Gandhiji as he is visible in every part and particle of India. Gandhiji wanted to establish a Sarvodaya based society. The Sarvodaya simply means welfare of all and prosperity of all. He respected the environment as living being. Therefore, he strongly advocated its judicious use.
Gandhiji was a great teacher. The ideas, which can better serve the humanity were adopted by him and faithfully he practiced them. He taught us how to follow the path of Truth, which is an example for the whole world today. He was Karmayogi, Gyanayogi and Bhaktiyogi – all in one. Today every society wants to have a fine blend of karma, gyan and Bhakti expecting its citizens to adopt it. Therefore every religion is respected in Gandhi’s philosophy. Today, the whole world including India needs Sarvdharma Sambhav, which means equal respect for all religions. There is a need to establish Truth and Peace. At the same time there is a need to make progress without hurting the human dignity.

I would urge the youth to start reading the life and writings of Gandhi ji on the occasion of 150th birth anniversary. One can discover the reason why Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said ‘the light has gone out of our lives’. The more we realise Gandhiji, the easier our paths will be. He used to say that education enables to be alert towards ills of character and to remove them.

Gandhi ji is so simple that it is easy to follow him. Every ordinary citizen can adopt his ways. You are pursuing Gandhiji’s philosophy if you speak Truth. If you adhere to honest means for livelihoods you are following Gandhi. Respect every religion, human dignity and love peace to practice Gandhian principles. He taught to be always ready to protect the environment, admire skills of artisans and help the vulnerable.

Let us all together decide our role in the establishment of a Sarvodaya based society and perform our duties honestly.

The Blogger is Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh