Honey Trap: ‘Mera Pyaar’ and ‘Panchhi’ were code words of the accused

Bhopal: The layers of the Honey Trap scandal of Madhya Pradesh are eroding one by one and the picture emerging is more shocking. The caught women’s diary is in the hands of the SIT (Special Investigation Team) which details the amount and dues recovered from the victims, as well as the code words used. ‘Mera Pyaar’ and ‘Panchi’ were the main code words of this gang. Code word ‘VIP’ was also used many times.
According to sources, one of the five women caught in the Honey Trap case lives in Riviera Town. Several hundred video clips and pictures have been found from him, as well as a diary has also come out. This diary contains an account of the past several years. The names of several leaders associated with Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are clearly mentioned in the diary and the amount recovered and recovered from them is also mentioned.
Full reference to the amount recovered
News agency IANS has received some papers from sources, which are telling the pages of the diary of a woman. The agency says that it does not corroborate these pages of the diary, but it does have the name of a leader in responsible post in Madhya Pradesh, who is now handling a major responsibility in Delhi. Apart from this, many former ministers and former MPs are named.
These pages of the diary suggest that the Honey Trap gang used codewords. Codewords were birds and my love. Along with these codewords, there is also a mark of smiling face and love-hearted arrow. Apart from this, there is a detailed description of the amount received from the person and how much is owed. One more thing is proved from these pages that who played a role in hunting a person and what percentage he contributed to the amount recovered.
Big leaders in ‘VIP’ codeword list
Sources associated with the SIT said that the ‘Punchi’ codeword was used for a person who was an Assamese (rich person) and had either large sums of money or dues. Along with this, ‘My love’ codeword was used by the youngest youngest gang of the gang for the people trapped in the trap. Apart from this, many big leaders were placed in the category of ‘VIP’ codewords.
According to sources, the diary also mentions an NGO. This diary is also found from the same woman, whose husband runs the NGO. The writing of the diary is of the same woman or someone else, it is not yet clear. Handwriting experts or forensic investigations will be able to clarify this. Indore police arrested five women and a man on the complaint of municipal engineer Harbhajan Singh with the help of ATS.
Over 4,000 clipping files
SIT sources investigating the case say that a large number of video clippings have been found from the mobiles, laptops and pen drives of the women caught. More than 4,000 files of clipping have been recovered and some photographs and audio-clips have also been recovered. The women of the gang secretly made video-clips of the person implicated in their web