Centre should release Rs 7154.28 crore for flood–hit people of Madhya Pradesh

Principal Secretary Revenue Shri Manish Rastogi writes letter and urges Centre
Bhopal, October 3, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): Madhya Pradesh has demanded assistance from the centre of Rs. 7154.28 crore to compensate for the damage caused by excessive rainfall and flood in the state. This amount includes central assistance amount of Rs 6621.28 crore under NDRF head and the second installment of Rs. 533 crore of this fiscal year in SDRF.
In a proposal sent to the centre, the Principal Secretary Shri Manish Rastogi has informed that an amount of Rs. 1066 crore are sanctioned under the state disaster management for the year 2019-20 for the state. Out of this, about Rs. 362 crore has been spent till mid September in other natural calamities, hail storm, frost and relief distribution. In the financial year 2019, the first installment of Rs. 247 crore was released under the Centre’ share with an adjustment of an additional amount of Rs. 152 crore for the previous year 2018-19. Therefore, in the year 2019, only Rs. 285.50 crore is available in the SDRF in the state till now.
According to the Revenue Department out of 52 districts of the state, 39 districts have suffered heavy losses due to excessive rain and floods. During the month of June to September rain in the state has affected crops worth Rs. 16 thousand 270 crore of about 60 lakh 47 thousand hectare land. In this, upto 33 per cent crops of about 53 lakh 90 thousand hectares have been damaged. The houses damaged by the excessive rainfall in the state include 55 thousand 372 pucca-kuchcha houses, 4 thousand 98 pucca houses and partially damaged 55 thousand 267 kuchcha houses. A total of 3 thousand 649 huts and 3 thousand 274 cattle sheds have also been damaged.
As many as 674 people have died due to flood and lightning in the state, 18 people have become victim of physical disabilities and 3 people have suffered serious injuries. About 1515 dairy cattle, 373 loading cattle and 3 thosuand 270 fowls have been killed by the excessive rainfall and floods.
According to the Revenue Department the repair cost of damage to public properties due to excessive rains in the state is estimated at Rs. 2285 crore. The total crop damage is estimated at about Rs. 16 thousand 270 crore and the amount sought for the loss of crops is Rs. 3 thousand 742 crore. Similarly, assistance amount of Rs. 579.96 crore for damage to houses, deaths and disability of people and cattle, Rs. 10.02 crore for rescue operations, Rs. 1.75 crore on relief camps and Rs. one crore 67 lakh for loss of food grains and kerosene is estimated.