Shweta Vijay: 4 govt seals, documents recovered from house, another case to be filed

In search of the houses and offices of Shweta Vijay Jain and others involved in the Honey Trap gang, the police have found the seal of four government departments and electronic gadgets. Papers worth millions of land deals have also been recovered from Shweta’s house. The SIT has received information that the fake sign with these seals has been used in many government contracts, passing bills and other rigging. Now SIT can file another case of misuse of government seal.
All three arrived in Delhi to seek help from a lawyer
Police have received another shocking information. After making a video of Harbhajan Singh in Indore on 30 August, Aarti had called him and demanded 3 crore on 4 September. When Harbhajan refused to give the money, Aarti-Shweta and the student trio arrived in Delhi the next day to meet a lawyer friend. Told them that Harbhajan’s video has been made. Now how can he be blackmailed? The lawyer said that they cannot help in this. If a case is to be found, they will help.