Why this 24 yrs old youth marries 81 yrs old woman?

Ukrainian officials are investigating claims that a 24-year-old man married his 81-year-old disabled cousin to escape having to do military service.
Alexander Kondratyuk, 24, claimed to have developed a strong affection for the cousin, who is 57 years his senior, and denied that he was trying to get out of performing his military duty.
Conscription in Ukraine is compulsory though there are exceptions that allow people to avoid it.
If you look after a wife who is disabled and can prove the condition and marriage with official documents, you are exmpt from service.
The wedding took place in the village of Baykovka which is near the city of Vinnitsa in west-central Ukraine, located on the banks of one of the longest rivers in the country.
Questioned by reporters about her marriage to her much younger relative, Zinaida Illarionovna, 81, insisted that he was a good husband and looked after her carefully.
Neighbours of hers claimed that the man was never seen in the area.
ShareOne told local TV that the Illarionovna was ‘much more likely to be visited by her nephews, grandchildren and sisters than by her supposed husband.’
They said that she lived in the house alone and that the only visible sign of the marriage was the certificate that he took with him every time the draft board turned up in the area to bring in new recruits. By showing the proof of marriage, and her disability certificate, he was allowed each time to return home without signing up.
Despite scepticism, Commissioner Aleksandr Danilyuk, in charge of the Vinnitsa Commissariat which deals with conscription in the region, confirmed that he had a right to have his draft papers deferred because he is the guardian of a registered disabled person.