MP / First robot citizen Sophia spoke about climate change, distance from plastic

Indore. On climate change, governments of all the countries of the world need to change both their policy and ideas. This is to say the world’s first robot citizen Sophia. At the Round Square International Conference, filmmaker Uttara Singh spoke to Sofia on the major issues going on in the world, to which Sofia responded very seriously. Sophia spoke on climate change and technology. Sophia said that robots are being built to help humans, so she needn’t fear. Today we need to save electricity as much as we need to distance ourselves from plastic.
Sophia answered the questions in her own style.

सोफिया ने अपने ही अंदाज में सवालों के जवाब दिए।

A session of interaction with Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen, was held on Friday at the 51st Round Square International Conference. Filmmaker Uttar Singh talks to Sofia on the major issues of the world. When Sophia was asked if she was aware of climate change, Sophia said that she is not only aware of this issue, but she tries to make people aware wherever she goes in the world. According to Sophia, she also keeps taking information from social media about climate change.

सोफिया को अक्टूबर 2017 में सऊदी अरब की नागरिकता दी गई थी

Sofia was granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia in October 2017
When Uttara Singh asked Sophia if she had a feeling, Sophia said to Uttara – You are hurting my feeling. When Sophia was asked which of the governments should change their policy or ideas for climate change, Sophia said that governments need to change both, because both influence each other. When told to Sophia that Indians love dance a lot, he said, “I like dance too, but robotic”. In the conference, children from different countries asked Sophia many questions, which Sophia answered.
Filmmaker Uttara Singh spoke to Sofia on the major issues going on in the world.

फिल्म मेकर उत्तरा सिंह ने सोफिया से दुनिया में चल रहे प्रमुख मुद्दों पर बात की।

Siddharth of Emerald Heights International School said that the first robot citizen Sophia has come to Indore for the first time. Here Sophia spoke to people from 55 countries. During this time he talked about climate change, human technology. Apart from this, he also spoke on the increasing trend of children towards technology. In response to the question of whether the robot should be scared or to support him, Sophia said that the robot is not something to fear. These are being made to help humans. Talking about climate change, said that Les Electricity, said to use less plastic. We should use more and more public transport. All countries should invest more and more on public transport.
The Emerald Heights International School Round Square International Conference is being organized. In this event, students from different countries will share each other’s culture among themselves. In these six days of the conference, different activities are being organized every day. This is the first time the International Conference has been in Indore. School Principal Siddharth Singh said that the conference includes one thousand students of the world’s schools. Three schools of the state have been included in these schools.

सोफिया ने यहां 55 देशों के लोगों बात की।

Sophia spoke to people from 55 countries here.
Please tell that Sophia was granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia in October 2017. Hanson Robotics created the humanoid artificial intelligence robot Sophia, which announced itself when she was granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia, and said that I feel honored to have my identity. Sophia always wishes that she should be with the common people and understand them, as well as be able to express the human kind of emotions.