Vidisha’s Vikas Pachauri spoke for 80 consecutive hours; Recorded in India Book of Records

Vidisha: Vikas Pachauri has illuminated the name of the city of Vidisha , a city dedicated to social service, in the country by registering its name in the India Book of Records for 80 hours of continuous speaking at the Longest Non Stop Speech Marathon during the Dan Mela (Organ Donation Fair) held at the Jalori Gardens on Thursday evening. . Despite the record being made at 7.30 pm, Vikas continued to speak even after the condition deteriorated. Chief Minister Kamal Nath congratulated Vikas Pachauri and tweeted it as a moment of pride for the state.
During this, the last Jain, member of the India Book of Records himself, advised to stop the speech and rest. After some rest, Vikas again woke up with enthusiasm and thanked the townspeople on the spot. After this, Vikas Pachauri was handed a certificate and medal of this record in the hands of the collector.
During this period, MLAs Shashank Bhargava, former minister Raghavji Bhai, former MP Pratap Bhanu Sharma SP Vinayak Verma and people associated with various organizations of the city were present. For the purpose of human service, Vikas Pachauri held this donation fair 4 days ago at Jalori Garden.
Office of Kamal Nath
Congratulations to Vidisha for registering her name in the India Book of Records by speaking 80 hours in Vikas Pachauri’s “Longest Speech Marathon”, working in the field of social service.
This work of his is a moment of pride for the state.
KC Anandaram of Nepal had an 80-hour record: Along with this, Vikas is giving lectures to break the record (which is named after KC Anandaram of Nepal) for 80 consecutive hours. Vikas Pachauri The speech was started by Vikas Pachauri from 12 noon on Monday. As per the India Book of Records, they have the right to take a five-minute break every hour.
Medical equipment and other donation materials: 34 people of the city came to the charity fair and donated medical equipment to help the sick and the helpless. In addition 450 people donated clothes and more than 50 people donated copy-books.
Blood donation: In this donation fair 80 people of the city reached and donated blood. The participation of women in blood donation was significantly higher than men.
Dehdaan: At the charity fair, 45 people filled the pledge of dehdaan. The two couples arrive together and vow to perform their body.
Eye donation: 80 people resolved to donate the eye. In addition to the couples of 5 husband and wife, parents and daughter from one family pledged to donate eye together