Couple filmed having sex on a car bonnet in the middle of the street

Taipei (Taiwan): A teenager walking home after a night shift, spotted the lustful pair without ‘a stitch of clothes’ engaging in intercourse on a car bonnet in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. The couple, who appear to be in their 40s, allegedly ran from a house stark naked and ducked down behind a car as Sophie Browne watched on in astonishment. To shame the randy pair, Sophie took a short video and posted it to Facebook calling the act ‘pretty shocking’. In the post Sophie said: ‘I hope the people fornicating on the bonnet of the car are being safe and are also the owners of said car. ‘Seeing as they are in public and didn’t mind anyone watching, I got a short snap.’ Sophie said the exhibitionists noticed her walk by but continued to have sex. ‘I was a bit shocked. There is a time and a place. It was their choice, it was a nice, warm night,’ she added. The video has since attracted thousands of views and has been shared countless times.