Not only Harbhajan, many senior officers were blackmailed through honey trap; accepts police

Bhopal, October 5, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): In the answer presented in the sessions court in the Honeytrap case, the SIT has admitted that the city engineer Harbhajan Singh is not the victim of blackmailing. This is a serious episode, in which the accused have been blackmailing high officials. They are yet to be questioned and gathered evidence. The police, opposing Shweta Jain’s bail, argued that if she was released, she would surely force the officers not to give evidence by threatening to leak the video.
Responding to the bail application of Honeytrap accused Shweta husband Vijay Jain, the Palasiya police station in-charge had submitted a reply on behalf of the Special Investigation Team (SIT). The police had raised several objections in the reply submitted on October 1 in the sessions court. In it, Shweta Jain is mentioned to be the mastermind of Honeytrep Gang. Shweta has received CDR analysis, pornographic SMS, diary of funds details, electronic gadgets with video of intimate moments of influential persons, social media chat, voice recording. Diary of financial transactions, bank accounts, recovery documents have been found from Aarti Dayal.
SSP said – no official confirmation, action will be taken if facts are found in investigation
SSP Ruchi Vardhan Mishra told the media in the Honeytrap case in Indore that no official confirmation has been made about the involvement of officers and any other people. The investigation is underway. If other people are found to have criminal involvement then they will take action.
Important facts in response to the police: Shweta is the mastermind, she used to collect money
Shweta Vijay Jain has seized Rs 14.17 lakh cash and important documents recovered from electronics gadgets and blackmail used in blackmailing influential people.
Shweta is the mastermind of the gang. She used to charge money from videos of influential people. Government contracts used to get grants for NGOs.
Aarti Dayal has made it clear that Shweta used to introduce influential people in the name of awarding her the contract. They had their videos made.
When Harbhajan Singh refused to give him three crores, the Aropais wanted to involve a Delhi lawyer in blackmailing, he refused.