Dussehra is celebrated in Pakistani style in Raisen city of Madhya Pradesh

Raisen. As such, many traditions of celebrating Dussehra have been going on throughout the country for centuries. But this festival is celebrated according to the tradition of Hindus celebrating Dussehra in Pakistan in Raisen district headquarters of Madhya Pradesh and in Abdullaganj tehsil of the same district.
Before the partition of India in 1947, Dussehra was celebrated in Pakistan’s Multan province with pomp and in a different way. Today the situation in Multan of Pakistan is not like this. Now there are Sindhis and Hindus but there is no complete freedom to celebrate the festival.
After partition some people who came to India from Multan of Pakistan settled in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. He started the tradition of Dussehra here about six decades ago with the same customs as he used to celebrate in Pakistan. This tradition was followed by the Pakistani people for the early four-five decades. Gradually the locals started following this tradition. Now this tradition has become completely local.
Seven feet high 50 kg mask
In this tradition of Pakistan, a young man, Hanuman turned 50, is wearing a 50-kilogram mask. About forty days before, we select the young man. During that time, Hanumanji is meditated with that young man. The young man consumes only milk during this time. On the day of Dussehra, five people wear a mask by law. These are the same people who take care of him during the forty days of meditation. The special thing is that to become a Mahavira, one has to follow celibacy for 40 days. Not only this, along with sleeping on the ground for 40 days, it is considered necessary to apply multani mitti on the body every day.
 Dussehra walk in the forefront
In Raisen, a moving ceremony is taken out by the Hindu Utsav Samiti, then Hanumanji wearing a mask walks in front of it. During this time, their Sudh-Mercury is different. The Dussehra festival, which started at 5 pm, lasts till 12 pm. Wearing a mask of 50 kg, Hanumanji fights for an hour with Ravana. They are adorned with jasmine oil and vermilion offered to Lord Hanuman. Curly legs are tied. The procession has to travel many kilometers barefoot.
Wear mask twice
When Hanumanji visits the city on the day of Dussehra, the people walking with him chant Jai Raghuveer Jai Mahavir. This type of program takes place twice a year in Raisen. During the Ramlila festival to be held in the month of December on the occasion of the first Dussehra festival.