Honey trap: BJP MPs, ex-ministers seen with girls in closed rooms

The matter of honey trap of Madhya Pradesh came to light recently, in which every day new revelations are happening. While on one hand the Congress is accusing the BJP every day that the BJP leaders have relations with the women who have honeytraped. But now the revelations in the investigation of the SIT have caused a stir. According to sources, the videos showed the faces of two BJP MPs and several former ministers.
The Congress has also released some pictures in the past, in which gang leader Shweta Vijay Jain is sitting on the BJP platform. Now SIT has started investigating this case. SIT chief Sanjeev Shami has also met Indore and met officials related to this case on Wednesday. During this, he had said that the names of many big people are coming out. After getting the proof, I will make everyone’s name public.
According to media reports, SIT has got some such videos, which can increase the difficulties of some political parties. Sources reveal that the faces of the two BJP MPs have been seen in the color video. One MP belongs to MP and the other to the neighboring state of UP. With this, two former MPs have already been caught in the trap of this gang. At the same time, there are many such white collar in the trap of five beauties which if investigated properly, can be exposed soon.